midi drum trigger

Part 2 of the series looking at how to get midi from a live drum performance so you can use it to trigger your own samples.

This one I’m going to walk through the process of extracting midi using the tracker feature. It’s a real-time process, unlike slate trigger, and potentially much faster but does have some pitfalls.  I find I like to use this method when my track has a fixed tempo so it doesn’t require any manual tempo mapping within the plugin.  Depending on the performance, it can be very quick and accurate to detect transients and map our your midi but usually requires some manual checking and correction.  Here is my process to achieve great results with Superior Drummer 3 Tracker to extract midi from a live drum performance so you can trigger your own samples


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Part 1 using slate trigger to extract midi from a live drum performance – How to create midi with Slate Trigger in Reaper


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