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Tailor-made mixing and mastering for rock and metal bands who want a sound that perfectly conveys their musical vision.

Hi, I'm Simon Jameson, an experienced sound engineer who specialises in delivering tailored, top-quality mixes and masters for aspiring metal and rock bands.
With more than a decade of mixing and mastering experience, I've helped over a hundred artists produce exceptional songs that soar high above the noise. Last year, I mixed and mastered an album that was voted as the 2021 Number 1 Black Metal Album by CVLT Nation, Gravpel - Power to the filthy masses.

Here's what some of the bands have said about my work:

Ready for Your Breakthrough?

You’re a talented band. Your music is emotionally-charged and can easily send your listeners into raptures every time they hear you. But, it takes a lot more than having talent and sounding fierce to make it big. And, you know it.

The world of metal and rock music is competitive and unforgiving. To make it (and keep it) BIG, you need to find someone you can trust to refine and perfect your songs and albums. Someone to add the touch of the mixing and mastering magic that promises bigger gigs, spots on better playlists, and a skyrocketing fan base.

Do you know why bands love working with me?

  • They appreciate someone whose musical perspective transcends genres
  • They respect my professional expertise as a producer and sound designer
  • They value good communication and a smoothly-organised process
  • They have the utmost confidence in my ability to deliver what they need

But, above all else, they realise I care about their songs as if they were my own. That’s why you, too, can expect me to keep working on your songs until they sound their absolute best.

Want an experienced producer and sound engineer to take your music to new heights?

Online Mixing and Mastering for Metal and Rock Bands and Artists

Working from a fully-equipped and acoustically-tuned studio, I deliver first-rate online mixes and masters for artists and bands playing heavy and extreme metal genres (doom, sludge, black metal, death metal, etc), and alternative rock.


Do your tracks lack the finesse of professionally mastered songs? We’ll comp the drums, tune the vocals, time and phase-align the recording, and apply other tweaks to remove all imperfections. 


We’ll take all the sounds you’ve recorded and fine-tune them until we’re left with perfectly crafted songs that are intense, authentic, and guaranteed to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.


After mastering, your album will have a vibrant, 3-dimensional sound, intense enough to detonate your unique energy through all major mass media outlets, distribution formats, and digital devices.

Use the Player below to hear the difference for yourself!

You Make Art I Make It Stand Out

I love bringing musical visions to life. It doesn't really matter if I'm working with prominent bands on major labels or indie artists - what matters is helping them unveil their unique energies and emotions through their music.

It’s immensely hard to choose the favourite songs I’ve worked on so far. Still, among 500+ songs I’ve helped create up until now, here are several that showcase my expertise:

ECHOLOT – Orbital
VORGA – Starless sky
SCHAMMASCH – Chimerical Hope
KHALDERA – The Inevitability Of Transition
CYTE – Echoes
NIHILUM – Lightbearers
TEITAN– I Become the Lunar Sky
GRAVPEL – First Spark of the Inferno
DAN JAXON – Take me back home

Rise Above the Noise

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

After grasping your artistic vision and goals, I start mixing and mastering. Keeping you updated, I don’t stop until you’ve utterly and hopelessly fallen in love with your songs.

A Special New-Clients Offer

Still unsure whether we are a perfect match? Take advantage of my try-it-before-you-buy-it offer. We start with just one song, and you only pay me if you like the result!

Delivery Time and Pricing



  • Editing

    48h / £ 40 per hour


    48h / £ 350 per song


    48h / £ 50 per song

    Stem Mastering

    Custom / £ 150 per song

  • Editing

    24h / £ 50 per hour


    24h / £ 450 per song


    24h / £ 75 per song

    Stem Mastering

    Custom / £ 200 per song

Want my help creating the next award-winning album or the new crowd-favourite song?

Your Questions Answered

Your fan base has very high standards, being proficient in various rock and metal genres and familiar with the top bands and artists. They know what they want – an authoritative, authentic, and energetic sound, fine-tuned to perfection.

In such a fiercely competitive field, you’re usually not allowed a second chance. You need to awe and impress from the first hearing. Our online mixing and mastering service ensures your sound is at its absolute best, at all times. It ensures your listeners truly hear and comprehend your unique artistic idea. And it truly is as simple as that.

We’ll first schedule a quick call to talk about the project and make the creative decisions based on your goals. This will assure we’re aiming in the right direction from the very start. We will also agree on the timeline for the mixing/mastering project.

All that you have to do, after sending me the recordings, is to kick back, relax, and wait until I’m confident your songs are close to where you have wanted them to be. Then, we will discuss the initial mixing/mastering to figure out which adjustments still need to be made. Soon, I will fine-tune your sound to the level that will blow your listeners’ minds.

You will get the final mixes and masters to your inbox in whatever format you require, and we can discuss the next batch of recordings you want me to turn into hits songs.

There are two things you should know about me. I love music, especially the more energetic rock and metal genres. And, I am a perfectionist. Therefore, I will never stop working on your songs and albums until we are all 100% confident that your music sounds the best it possibly can.

Want to learn how to mix rock and metal songs like the music biz experts? Discover the most comprehensive step-by-step guidance courses on mastering the art of mixing, which you can study at your own pace. Visit my Mixing Mastermind Website for more information.

Other than the 15 tracks that you can find on my website, there are over 500 songs that I’ve edited, mixed, and/or mastered during the last decade. You can find a diverse selection of them on this Spotify playlist.

It all depends on your goals. There’s nothing wrong if you just want to have fun playing music with friends and maybe performing twice a year in front of two dozen people in your local pub. If that sounds like your band, then I might not be the right man for the job.

If, however, you want to make it BIG, if you want to discover and challenge the limits of your sound – you work with the best sound engineers. Then, you can count on receiving the highest-quality mixes and masters, an outstanding level of commitment – and a chance of making a major breakthrough. Remember, you’re not paying for my time, you’re paying for the years of experience and the results I deliver.

Sure! If you’re a new client, feel free to take advantage of my try-it-before-you-buy-it offer. Just get in touch , tell me what you need, prepare your test recording, and wait until I get it to sound perfect. And, if you don’t like how it sounds in the end – you don’t have to pay me at all!

Once we’ve agreed on a price for your project, you’ll get an invoice for the first half of the total project cost (that is to be paid before any work has commenced). Of course, you will be entitled to my 100% money-back guarantee and will get the entire deposit back, if you’re not satisfied with my mixes and/or masters.

I prefer the payments to be sent via bank transfer but other forms of payment can also be arranged upon your request. The second half of the payment will be sent over after the final masters are delivered and signed off by you.

Let's Talk About Hits

Reach out to learn more about my expertise and availability, or if you simply want to talk about the ins and outs of rock and metal. Let's see if we’re the right fit!