Pre-production and how we can help

Pre-production is the first stage of the song writing process.  Basically you have some rough ideas and need to get them into a format whereby you can work with the structure easily, add additional arrangements, create some interesting layers and generally bounce ideas around and be creative.

There any many different things going on here which we can help out with.  Some would require you to come to our studio and others we can work remotely with you

Core Services

  • Demo Recording

    Pop down to the studio and we can quickly track any ideas you have

  • Song Arrangments

    Have a few basic ideas but don’t know where to go with them?  Send them over and maybe we can help

  • Midi drums

    Need some help adding drums to your tracks?  We have an awesome Roland midi drum kit or we can can program drum midi from scratch

Pricing and payment

We require a 50% deposit to start on most projects. Smaller projects are paid in full. Rates are determined by the scope of the project and our availability. We can work with most budgets so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Every project is different and we’ll create an accurate and competitive quote for you.

Interested? What happens next

Simply contact us using the form below and we’ll reply within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).  Once we agree on the terms and the details then we’ll send you a link so you can upload the files and we’ll get to work


We work until you are 100 % satisfied.  If you really don’t feel we are the best fit for your project we will refund your money