About Us

BlackArtAudio came into existence in 2015 as a platform to connect with bands and musicians online and provide high quality services  to everyone regardless of location.  Also as a starting point for a business to evolve into something organic where we can collaborate and record and work together and provide creative solutions and services.  BlackArtAudio is the brainchild of music producer and musician Simon Jameson.  The idea is to provide flexible, high-quality audio services at a price to fit any budget.  You can literally contact us about anything and we’ll try and find a solution for you!

Simon has been recording and mixing bands since around 2000 in London and Switzerland but it wasn’t until 2015 that a decision was made to commit everything to music production and BlackArtAudio was born.  Starting out in London at Old Street studios, recording and mixing everything from rap & hip-hop to metal and then working with producer Andy Gill (RHCP, Killing Joke) at Andy’s own London studio – The Beauchamp Building.  He also had the pleasure to meet and learn from Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin) and Joe Barresi (Tool, QOTSA, Soundgarden).


Tiergartenstrasse 1
Liestal 4410