New website design

So the new website design is now live.  Have a look around a let me know what you think.  If you find any errors or have any feedback, i’d be really happy to know!!

Studio and recording promotion

And on to my second point.  I running my first ever promo here at BlackArtAudio!  I have some time i want to fill up doing some recording at the end of this year and start of 2017 and i want to offer YOU the best rate i can and get some new projects happening.

So here’s my deal. Unlimited recording time for 50 sF/€50 per day (subject to availability).  Just contact me via the form below and we can try and arrange some dates that work for everyone.  Due to this ridiculously cheap price, all i ask that the money is paid in advance.

You get access to all the gear here for recording and me as an engineer.  We can do anything from one song to a full album.  Check out the website for more information as to what is available and i look forward to hearing from you!


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