[updated – 09/05/16]

Thanks for your interest!

So just some profiles i made from an awesome amp i own.  i also included a few profiles from a Marshall JCM900 i have lying around as well.

just quickly i recorded these profiles with a shure SM57, Shure Beta57  and a Sennheiser MD421 bused together.  Some are recorded with a bogner ubercab and others with a mesa oversized 4×12.   I am keen to know what you  guys think so drop me a comment below and if you have any requests or suggestions i’d love to hear them

Also if you use these anywhere it would be great to hear about that too.


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  1. Fábio Vieira
    Fábio Vieira says:

    Thank you a lot again! This profiles are Awesome!
    Definitely the best profiles of Bogner Uberschall already tested !


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